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Honda Odyssey Transmission Issue

I have a 2000 Odyssey which I had the transmission rebuilt less than two years ago. After about a year the transmission fluid drained from the transmission because the shop did not clamped two hoses. I took it back and they put fluid back in it and clamped the hoses properly. Now when I put the van in reverse it feels as though I am applying the brakes. I brought it to my mechanic who looked it over and said it was not the brakes. I can put the car in reverse and if I feel the ‘brakes’ coming on, I can drop the car into Neutral and it will continue to glide back. Before I take it back to the transmission shop I’d like to know what is going on and if the fluid draining out would have been the cause of this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Not really sure what is meant by the shop “did not clamp two hoses”. There are various check valves that prevent transmission fluid from moving in the wrong direction probably. If a check valve failed, there’s no telling what the symptom would be, but its possible what you are experiencing could be caused by that.

Do you have ABS on this vehicle? Has the transmission been serviced at the recommended intervals? Has the fluid level been checked? And the proper transmission oil always been used?

How many miles does van have now? What was the mileage 2yrs ago when u had it rebuilt?

Off the top of my head I had about 170,000 when I had the trans worked on and now there are about 190,0000

Regarding the clamps. When the transmission was worked on, initially everything worked great. We stopped in for a bite to eat one night and when we got back in the car, it would not move forward or backwards. I had it towed to my mechanic, not the transmission shop, and he discovered two clamps that were missing and the transmission fluid almost gone so I had it towed to the transmission shop. They agreed and apologized, put the missing clamps on and refilled it with fluid.
As for its previous history I bought it from a private party and can’t vouch for prior maintenance but I’ve had it maintained at the suggested timeframes for the last four years and my mechanic is a certified Honda mechanic.

It’s entirely possible that driving the van with the transmission fluid nearly gone damaged the transmission, and now that damage is becoming apparent. Unfortunately, since it’s almost a year later, you may have trouble getting any satisfaction from the transmission shop.

It is likely that there are mechanical parts that could have broken in the transmission when the fluid ran out. The braking feeling you are getting is probably a broken gear in the planetary gear set. Hopefully the transmission is still under warranty. Otherwise you may be in the beginning of another transmission failure.