Car good won’t go up

I have a 960 Volvo wagon and I need to pop the hood to put in some coolant but the hood won’t go all the way up. The drivers side of the hood is fine but on the passenger side the hood doesn’t lift as high and it hits my windshield when I try to pull the hood the rest of the way up. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Take the car to a good body shop and show them the problem. They can fix that.


Lift the hood and check if the two bolts that hold the hood to the hinge are loose/missing.




It seems like there should be some obvious visual difference between the hinge on the left and the hinge on the right. Is there?


Even though the OP did not reveal the model year of his 960, it couldn’t be less than 22 years old, so rust damage is also a possibility.

Back in my gas jockey days, I had to deal with a number of older vehicles with so much rust damage that some of the hood bolts had parted company with the hood, and they could not be… reunited… without welding.

With a vehicle that is at least 22 years old, this is a very likely scenario.

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The offending hinge may be rusty and in need of lubrication.

Yes the hinge on the left doesn’t lift as high as the one on the right

A good squirt of oil - real oil like 3 in 1, not WD40 which is not a worthwhile lube - might solve the problem. Otherwise, an auto body shop, as already recommended.

So my dad says that I have to pull it towards me on the passenger side and it’ll pop up, does anybody know why it’s like that or no?

Simple , something on the hood hinge is not working properly on that side. Have you lubricated the hinge or looked for missing bolts ?

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