Car goes in gear but doesn't move

I have a 2007 nissan sentra 2.0 6 speed. We drove it and as we were taking off the car started revving really high but didn’t want to accelerate so we stopped and turned the car off and restarted it and we got about 2 miles down the road and it would no longer accelerate. It will go into all the gears including reverse but wont move. I would appreciate any help on this topic. I just got the car a month ago and I’m making payments on it at a buy here pay here place.

More than likely the clutch assembly is worn out.



One could hope a trans fluid and filter service would resolve the issue.
edit: Speed read fail, did not notice it was a manual.

I agree with @Tester that the clutch is most likely gone.


Yup, clutch. It is going to be expensive. Like $1500 - $1800 depending on where you live and how much damage the clipping clutch has done.

You might investigate just handing the keys back to the “pay here” place. I don’t know what contracts you signed but this sounds like a bad deal all around.


Concur, clutch problem. I’m trying to think if there’s a failure mode that will be easy to fix If the clutch won’t disengage to allow shifting, sometimes that’s an easy fix. But when you can shift ok and all the car does when you press on the gas is make a rev’ing noise, but no movement, that sure sounds like the transmission has to come out to inspect the clutch. It wouldn’t be that unusual for a clutch to fail on a 11 year old car btw. Especially if it was driven by hot rod pretender prior. Replacing a clutch on a Sentra probably isn’t an overly expensive repair, as clutch jobs go. If I had that problem I’d probably take advantage of the econo-box nature of my purchase, and just pay to replace the clutch at the local inde mechanic and keep driving.