Transmission bearing noice, on my awesome car!

Love your show, i recently saw “NOVA Car of the Future” Funniest NOVA ever and probably the last one.

I love this car so much i don’t drive it!

Nissan Sentra with: SR-20 Engine Naturally Aspirated, Bored 30 Over, 600lbs cam shaft, Sway Bars, MSD Ignition Blaster SS, MSD Ignition Digital SCI, Engine Internals by Jim Wolf, Borla Exhaust, Down Pipe, Straight Catback, Cryo Shoot Penned Transmission (600 w…hp),10 lbs NOS Bottle, 100 shoot NOS, KYB Gas Shocks, Serious MP3 Player, DVD Player, 2 Monitors, 2 Cross Fire amp 400 watts, 2speaker box, Optiman Yellow Top, Black and Blue Tweed Interior.

I am a little rough with it or was that why i stopped driving it. Its expensive to fix when you dont know what you are doing or have to take it to a show where they know.

So now its a garage queen and every other month i feel like selling it, but sometimes its 2k another 5k.

This is my problem I have a knock when the cluch is out but when its in its completely gone, sometimes its loud sometimes you dont hear it at all, also when its running it does not make any sounds, no gears slips, no grinding sounds or vibrations.

The xmission is welded shut so i cant just take it out… i probably should not do that im sure the car would implode. I bought it out of impulse when i came back from doing my tour in Iraq. I drive a Mazda MX-5 great car unless its snowing or crossing a blizzard like today when i was listening to the show. Any advise will be great, thank you.

I’m not sure if the brothers got back to you, but I have an answer.
I’ll take your word for it that the transmission is welded shut. I can’t find any reference to a Cryo Shoot Penned transmission, even at high performance transmission shops.
It doesn’t matter. The fact that you hear a clunk with the clutch engaged that goes away when you disengage the clutch tells me you need a new clutch plate, throwout bearing and pressure plate. You need to replace all three (it’s a waste of money not to), and the car sounds like you have invested enough into it to justify the expense.

If you decide to repair the clutch, in the future, avoid fast starts from stop.
But most all keep your right hand off of the gearshift while driving, until you need to shift. I bet your hand is always on that gearshift at whatever speed.

It’s not the clutch…Probably the crankshaft moving back and forth in the block…

Sell that parts collection / money pit and by a serious fast car…

I can not really make heads or tails of this post. All I can really infer is that you have a “fast and furious” inspired rice burner with half the Summit Racing catalog under the hood and half the Crutchfield catalog in the cabin, and now you are afraid to drive it because it keeps breaking stuff. My best advice to you is to sell this pile of parts to some other rice enthusiast to spend money on and, if you want to go fast, buy a car that was already fast when it was new. A Nissan Sentra does not fit this criteria. A Mustang GT does. And guess what? It probably won’t break every other week because it won’t be strained by a boatload of aftermarket goodies trying to make it do something it was never intended to do.

There’s a new Fast And Furious Movie coming out this summer.
I bet you’re excited, and can’t wait until it hits the theaters!


I been into drifting and rally races way before any of these movies came out but thx for trying to make me feel like a punk kid.

Congratulations on knowing your catalogs. The car was built like a rock, but like I said “I am a little rough with it”. To be expected really, since I dont have someone to to teach me how to properly drive it. I do have plans on visiting a racing school someday to fix that. Btw this rice as you put it eats v8 Mustangs, how do I know well simple really, I beat them every time and my reward is the middle finger. Telling me to get a Mustang is not the best advice I ever had, but also not the worst, like this one time a guy told me to get a Mustang GT wooo that was a good one.