2007 Nissan Sentra - Trans issue

2007 Nissan Sentra runs great then for no known reason gets stuck in gear, shifter won’t move and car starts jerking, looses power then I have to re-start it to get it going again. Car has 42,000 miles and hasn’t been driven for 4 years due to the same problem. HELP

It would be REALLY helpful if you would tell us if this car has an automatic or manual transmission!

Also, why did you park it rather than take it to a shop that could diagnose the problem?

6 speed manual transmission. Car has been at the dealer for 6 days, unable to diagnose because the problem hasn’t occurred yet. Dealer says the clutch master slave cylinder is fine, hydrolic system is fine.

I’ve taken it to two different transmission specialists who say there is nothing wrong with the car.

you are driving along. push in clutch. cannot get out of “gear”?
6th gear? on highway? or can it happen when you are on side street going 30mph and are in 3rd gear or simliar?
you stop car. shut off motor. shifter is stuck? cant go into any gear?
a manual trans issue is complex. motor on. motor off. stuck in gear. cant get into gear.

Take a drive with the transmission mechanic and try to duplicate the problem so they can see if it is your driving style or mechanical.

Don’t take offense but are you sure younare pushing the clutch all the way in when you shift?

My other thought is a worn bushing in the shifter rails inside the transmission “catching” on a burr or worn spot on the rail.