Car Fell of jack and now makes noise only when turned right while driving

After coming home at a late night in my 2005 Honda Accord, I heard noise coming from the drivers side front wheel. I’ve heard this noise once before after a rock got stuck up in my brakes. I pulled into a parking lot and jacked up the car and got the tire off. I couldn’t see anything that would be making the noise. After going to get something from the trunk the car fell off the jack. I had a tow truck come and lift it up. We put the tire back on and he said there shouldn’t be anything serious and I no longer heard the noise coming from the wheel on my way home. But after driving it the next day, I noticed when the car is turned sharply to the right while driving, it makes a scratching/screeching noise. Any idea of what could have happened?

U used the scissor jack?

This could be something as simple as a bent dust shield on that wheel’s brake mechanism.
Or, it could indicate something as serious as a badly-damaged ball joint, which is a major safety hazard.

I strongly suggest that you have a competent mechanic put the car up on a lift in order to inspect the front end–right away.

It could be any number of things, some of which could be dangerous. You probably threw your alignment off as well. I suggest that you drive carefully to a good local mechanic as soon as possible for a complete inspection of the front end.

Well everything runs great. The car drives straight, just that problem when turning. I thought I saw a spark when looking out the window while taking a turn but wasn’t sure, so I think it’s two things just rubbing together possibly.

+1 to @VDCdriver and @Lion9car

Your last post is compelling reason to get the car to a mechanic. Take a look at the “Mechanics Files” tab above, that will give you a list of shops in your area that people here have found to be decent shops.

When a car falls off a jack the first thing to hit the ground is most likely the disc brake dust shield, bending it so that it rubs on the rotor. The rubbing can be more pronounced on curves. If so, it’s easy to bend it back. However, I don’t want to underplay the possibility that more serious damage could have occurred.

Thanks everyone for your advice, it turns out it was the break dust shield hitting against the rotor!

Thanks for letting us know.