Car fax ID trustworthy?



If the carfax lists the “model sub/type” of the car with the vin #,is the model info reliable or can anyone put in any info to suit sellers. {honda CRV,LX ,EX etc}


If they have the VIN numebr, and they need that to itemize a specific car’s history, that information can be believed. Unfortunately, the data in the report cannot. Carfax gives the impression that they get their data from some mandatory national reporting base. They do not. None exists.


One thing that I’ve always wondered about Carfax is, say for instance, you’ve never had an accident or serious repair done to your car and one day the oil plug falls out going down the highway because you forgot to tighten it and you wind up blowing the engine so you drop in a junker to sell it, how would anyone know if they went by the Carfax report? It would show the car to not have any major repairs done to it and make it look pretty good to a buyer.