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Car fan

have a 2001 saturn l200…i went to pep boys had have them too chack out how come my car fan not working.they told me its going cost about 900 to fix it…so this guy told me how about you put in a thermostat control for the fan…but i dont kon what power sours i can hock it up at can you help me plz thank you

I am not certain that the Pep Boys’ “mechanic” is the best source of information on this. I assume you are talking about the radiator fan. I would recommend taking the car to a good independent shop and have them diagonose the problem. I don’t think that repair should be anyplace near $900.

I don’t think you are up for this job if you don’t know what power source powers the fan in your car. The power source is the battery, and not knowing something this basic means you have no business trying to work on electrical components.

Considering my experiences with Pep Boys, I have to ask how you know your fan isn’t working. Is the car overheating?

“Pep boy mechanics” is a contradiction in terms.
Do the fans turn on when the AC is on?

The old T-control (actually called the engine temp sensor) simply unplugs and then inscrews. Reverse the process to install the new one, except use a thread sealant.

$900? What aren’t you telling us? Typically these sensors are cheap.

MWKARRICK, are you talking about an aftermarket controller for you factory fan on the radiator?