Car engine shuts off

My car has 65,300 miles on it. About 4 months ago the engine began shutting off while I was deceleratin (on a hill or around a curve). I have had a tune up, a brake valve replaced and the crankshaft sensor replaced. Is anyone familiar with this problem and do you know of a solution?

LClift, You Didn’t Finish Introducing Your Buick ! Whenever Questions Like This Are Asked It Is Helpful To Some Of Us (Me) To Know The Model-Year Of The Vehicle (Buick Regal) And The Specific Engine Option If You Know It.

Please tell the Buick Regal’s:


[list]Engine Size[/list][/b]

I’ll check and see if I see anything that applies to that specific model-year and engine and we’ll go from there. We will probably be asking more questions and making suggestions.

I have a couple of questions at this time. Did the “check engine light” come on before a stall (shut-off), as the engine stalled, and did it stay on ? Is it on now ?

Is your mechanic an independent or a GM dealer mechanic ?


Thanks for responding. The car is a 1994 Buick Regal Custom with a 3.8 engine. The check engine light has come on at some point on the drive each time the engine has stopped but not consistently before it. It will stay on through the drive once it comes on, but will not come on automatically when the car is started. It came on tonight about 15 minutes into my commute home. My mechanic is an independent mechanic. As I like the car (except for these episodes) I would welcome any help or ideas.