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Car engine mis-firing

I have a 1998 Toyota Camry purchased new. No problem during the entire ownership except a current annoyance no mechanic seem to be able to resolve.

Every now and then, the occurance seems to be random, the car starts to miss-fire badly. Sometimes the engine will completely stop.

We have had mechanics try testing the fuel pump, spark plug wire failure, gas in fuel tank and various other fuel and electrical items, all to no avail. All the tests seem to be OK. We have tried gas line anti-freeze as well as gas drier liquid.

The weather does not seem to affect the problem one way or another. Likewise the distance or time traveled does not seem to change the problem.

The funny part is if I allow the car to sit for 10 minutes everything runs just fine. I have sometimes gone for months without a problem and then suddenly the car will fail again.

The even funnier part is one mechanic told me to bring the car in when it happens. However, if I have it towed, the symptom stops and does does not appear (unless I could have it towed in less then 10 minutes).

Does anyone have an answer or reasonable solution?

A shot in the dark: bad crank or cam position sensor.

If it has a distributor, then inside that distributor will be an “ignition module” . Change the sensors first…

The check engine light never comes on, and there is never a trouble code?
4 cylinder, or 6 clyinder engine?