1996 Toyota Mis-fire

Hello, I have been having mis-fire on #3 cylinder and sometimes code that says igniter circuit fault bank 1. I have changed plugs, tried another coil pack from different cylinder, checked coil connector. I have also replaced igniter with a used one bought from ebay. I’m still having same exact issues, The car normally runs perfect until I stop and park for 15min/ hr, then as soon as I start car it starts mis-firing.
It’s always mis-fire on #3, or bank 1. This is a 1996 Camry XLE v-6. Thanks for any input. Oh yea, I have not replaced injector, but it is clicking when running.

Maybe the injector leaks into the cylinder, floods it, causes a misfire. Can you try interchanging two injectors and see it if follows the injector?

Remco has a point…and if he were correct the issue with the misfire SHOULD clear up after many cycles of the piston…and some run time…But if this issue starts out like nothing is wrong…EVERYTIME…and then takes some time to act up…it seems like that is electronic/heat related to me…if it were aleaky injector it would start out like this…every time…

Cam position sensor is responsible for telling which “Coil over plug” coil to fire… and when… The stopping then staring issue could be due to heat soak of the electronic component that is misbehaving…Electronic parts that are subject to heating and cooling…Like in our cars…Act up (IF they are going to act up) when they get hot…then they behave when they cool down…or at least this occurs an AWFUL lot… SO…the pause in your issue is due to the part taking time to reach temp…or time to “Heat Soak”

I’m sorta leaning twd the Cam position sensor meself


Thanks for the advice, I will try switching injectors. May take me some time to do this, so give me a few days, thanks. Will get back ASAP. Just a note, since I also get a bank 1 code for igniter fault, does that mean it’s not limited to just Cyl. 3>?

On the Cam position sensor, I will also look into that. Thanks

Just to add information, the problem started immediately this morning, cold weather, so it may not be a heat related problem.

Thanks everyone, finally got around to switching injectors around and the code followed to Cylinder 2. I replaced injector and so far all is well. I appreciate all your help.