1999 Toyota Camry takes an hour to start

My car is will turn but will start after driving. I usually have to wait about an hour for it to start. Sometimes after driving for about 30 mins , at idle it starts to stumble then die.

I’m not really sure I understand what you are trying to say. So you can start it up and drive for a while, then it quits. Can you re-start it after sitting a while?

How many miles on this car? What engine? What transmission?

And how long has the Check Engine light been on?

Its a 99 Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 134,00 miles.
Ill have the car sitting overnight and start it like nothing. I can drive it for like 20- 30 mins turn it off and try to start it and it won’t start. Ill have to let it sit for like 40 min- hour.
Im not sure if its fuel or air. I already paid 700. for a new EGR valve put in . I changed spark plugs , fuel filter, cleaned the throttle.

try loosening the gas cap when this happens. See if that allows it to start.

The no start problem might be caused by a defective Crankshaft Position Sensor being effected by heat.


One of the many things the crank senor does is it informs the computer whether or not the crankshaft is rotating.

If the sensor fails because of heat, it doesn’t send a signal to the computer. The computer then thinks crankshaft isn’t rotating, so the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel/ignition systems so the engine doesn’t start.

Let the engine/crank sensor cool off, and the engine starts.

To check if the problem might be with the crank sensor, carry an extra spark plug in the vehicle.

The next time the engine won’t start, open the hood, remove a spark plug wire from any spark plug, plug the extra spark plug into the wire and lay the spark plug on the engine.

Now have someone crank the engine over while watching the tip of the spark plug.

If the spark plug doesn’t produce any spark, the problem is most likely with the crankshaft postion sensor.