Car Dusters

So, are car dusters safe for my car’s finish? They’re great right about now because I barely have it dried after washing when the pollen is all over it!

If you dust it now, how long do you think it will remain unpollinated?

Dusters such as the “California Duster” are perfectly safe! I use one on my Corvette all the time.

Lucky you. I wish I had a Corvette to use one on!.

Absolutely. The California Car duster is the greatest labor saving device today. Wellll, maybe that’s the dishwasher. Or is it the microwave? The dusters are available at Wal*Mart in a variety of sizes for interior and exterior work. I bought my best one from an auto supply store for about $20. It has a wooden handle. My first plastic handled one broke in the first month. Yes, I dust a lot of cars.

When I was a kid (a long time ago) they called them “Kozaks”. I piece of soft flannel with a little kerosene added. They worked great…