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Car Dont Start

Hyundai Elantra 2007.

My car wont start, all lights are flickering and starter is ticking very fast when trying to start the car.

some info about the car:

-Battery is new.
-battery cable are fine/ also ground was bad, already changed.
-The starter is good i think because when i jump start the car it run well. (it does start with a boost).
-Alternator is 2 months old.
-My battery charger show (FULL) when i check my battery.

So the car do start when we jump boost it…but flickering and ticking whithout boost.

any idea? thanks a lot!

Try twisting the battery cables on the battery posts.

If they can be twisted, they’re not tight enough.


tried, there are not moving…tight enough! thanks tho for fast response

Might be a bad battery… surface charge so you see 12.7 volts or so and the charge say “full” but the cranking amps are way down. You might pull it out and have it tested.

will try with another battery, mine is under warrantly still, will try that this week!, good idea tho, good charge but not enough amp to start it.

Most likely it’s your starter motor. You could just replace it and cross your fingers it fixes the problem. There’s a pretty good chance it will I expect, given that the battery is new and presumably the connections to the battery are clean and tight as a result of the battery replacement. If I had this problem on my car I’d measure the two voltages at the starter motor (terminal to starter case) during attempted cranking . If both measured 10.5 volts or higher and it didn’t crank the engine I’d replace the starter motor. If one of the voltages was less than 10.5 volts I’d work towards the battery to find out why.

I’m in agreement with tight batt clamps. Also agree that the “new batt” may not be what it appears try another one and the issue should immediately go away. You have already proven this theory by having no problems with a jump. You are deficient in power…that is why you hear clicking in the starter solenoid, it does not have enough voltage and amps to actuate that electromagnet. That is why it is bouncing or making clicking noises.

However…if there were something under your hood that were drawing enough current to rob the batt of power all of this would occur as well and the only item able to do that would be your alternator or rather a bad alternator.

When you hook up your batt cables…do you get a big spark? You shouldn’t…if you do, the alternator is defective and pulling power before you can even get to the ignition key. But you adding a jump/more power is proof in the pudding you are lacking power…the reason is still up in the air so… just food for thought.

no sparks at all, will exchange my battery probably tomorrow and i will buy new battery connectors…will be back here for result.

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OK, good. This assumes all your connections are solid… Ground is as important as the Positive side dont forget. Trace your Hot lead AND your ground and be sure they are solid. Because during a jump you could also be “stealing” that other vehicles ground if yours proved defective… So batt cable health and tightness is important. After that…its batt time.

at first, i toughtit was my ground, but no haha

That ground wire is a mess and needs replaced.

it is replaced

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