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2006 Hyundai - battery problems? will not start

My 2006 Hyundai Elantra will not start. I went out yesterday to start it to leave for an appointment and I heard the battery try to engage and then only click, click, click. Is it the battery? I’ve thus far had no issues or problems with this car. I’m going to try and get it jump-started this morning to bring it to the mechanic. Could it be the starter? Any advice or feedback is most appreciated, Thank-you!

Original Battery ? Depending On When The Car Was Manufactured, The Original Battery Is Older Than 4-1/2 Years Old And Could Be 5-1/2 Years Old. Batteries Frequently Last That Long And Longer, But Not Always.

It could be as simple as corroded or loose battery cables / terminals, but it would not surprise me that the battery had reached the end of its useful life. At any rate, a new battery wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider. As you have found, when a battery dies, it is always when you are the greatest distance from home or you have an appointment, it’s dark, cold, and raining, . . .


Its your battery…if your battery is NOT the issue then it is your battery terminal contacts. The batt terminals as well as the clamps must be cleaned and greased and tight. If they are not then the alternator will not be able to charge your battery properly. This will lead to a battery that is constantly under charged…this will eventually kill the batt. Go to the auto parts store and buy the batt terminal cleaner…its a little bullet shaped tool with an internal and external wire brush designed to clean the batt terminals and clamps…use the tool…grease the connections and tighten…get a jump start…and then drive the car for an hour…if your batt is still alive it will take a charge and not strand you again…SUPER COMMON PROBLEM…no one ever cleans their batt terminals

If it doesnt charge then the batt has died due to constant under charging and you need a new one…that should be it…if not then we have to move on to your alternator…I am taking you thru the proper steps to diagnose…start simple and work your way up