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Car doesn't start at all

Hello team hope this finds u well my Subaru forester with engine number EJ20JDX1FE the engine knocked and I changed the engine with a half engine block then after the repairing cranking it doesn’t start any more,it has no sparks at all the fuel nozzels don’t have that signal for fuel injection? Or what could be the cause??
Help team…IMG_20200218_125828.jpg…]() [Uploading:

many Things to check after major teardown

You should probably let a professional mechanic look at it,

Oh, wait, you’re a mechanic in Uganda who recommends disconnecting a battery while the engine is running to test the alternator.


That goofy recommendation is a good reason that he should be blocked and removed .


So, I’m not the only one who has noticed the… inconsistencies… in his posts?