Stopped dead

While waiting at a stop light my car totally died, there were no warning lights, the car is a 2011 Subaru forester with 52,000 km. I had it pushed off the road, tried to restart it with jump cables but it would not turn over. I noticed an odd burning smell when I opened the hood. There were rat tracks on top of the engine area. I had the battery pulled out and replaced with another fully charged but it did not make a difference. After sitting for two days, I restarted the car and the engine managed to turn over but very very rough, a mechanic thought there was something loose in the engine. I currently live in Mexico and closest subaru dealership is 5 hours away. I will need to get it towed there but I would like to have some idea of what it may be, my thought is somehow a wire got chewed off but I had driven it about 20 miles that morning and then it just stopped dead. Thanks for any thoughts.

I could be rats have chewed on wires in your engine compartment. The Denver airport has problems with rabbits in parking lots. They prefer to chew on wires in Hondas and VWs. Every rodent has its wire preference.

Well, it pretty much has to be a problem with either the spark, the fuel, or the timing. Maybe start by checking for a good spark. And take advantage of the diagnostic software built into the car’s ECM. Have all current and pending codes read. Then at least you’ll have something to go on.

Thank you both for your suggestions, I will make reference to the car’s diagnostic software when I take it to the dealer. I didn’t know it had this software built in so I will do a bit of research to understand it better before I take it in, thanks again,