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Car doesn't go uphills

My car has 109000 miles and we live in SD. Recently the car just won’t go uphills - the engine revs up, but the speed doesn’t get above 40-45 miles per hour. Once at the top of the hill, the car just takes off and drives normally until the next hil! What could be the problem. Thanks for the help - we love your show!!

If the car “revs up” and does not go uphill, you have a slipping clutch if it’s manual or you have a transmission destroying itself if automatic.

Take it to a good independent transmission shop, and be prepared for at least $3000 in repairs or a new transmission.

Even though there is no apparent transmission problem when not going up hill?

Yes. Unless the car is bogging down in which case it is an engine problem. Really high revving without associated power either means you’re in too low a gear or that your clutch (manual) or clutches (automatic) are slipping.

You could at least tell us if its a manual or an automatic.

Sorry - thought I had, it’s an automatic

Your problem might be that your transmission fluid level is low.
If so, you have a leak.

“Your problem might be that your transmission fluid level is low.”

I actually thought of mentioning that. But then I figured the initial problem might have been low fluid. If so, now the problem is burned out clutches from scorching it up all of those hills.