Car dies when shift in Drive

I have a 1992 Ford Probe that starts and runs fine until you shift in Drive and it immediately stalls. It idles fine in reverse, park and neutral. Any ideas what is causing this?

When shifting into drive, try stepping on the accelerator slightly. If this prevents the engine from stalling, the problem is most likely with the Idle Air Control valve.


It doesn’t change anything when stepping lightly on the accelerator.

I think this Ford would have a locking Torque Converter. I don’t think the lock oil circuit is active when the manual spool is shifted into reverse position i.e. the TC is nonlockable in reverse. However, if the lock up solenoid valve is leaking you might be getting lock up when in drive position – ergo instant stall.

There is probably nothing you can do if this is the problem except to get it to a transmission technician and have him/her diagnosis the problem. If the solenoid is the problem, it would probably be replaceable with a side cover removal.

Hope that helps. Get back to us when you solve the problem.