Low speed death

Hi, I have a 2K Maxima w/69Khway miles. My extremely trusworthy mechanic of 20yrs replaced mass air flow meter last Oct. The symptom was the engine died @low speeds or while idling. The car was great for 2mos.when it died, again @low speed; replaced same (determined mass air flow meter was defective). Drove great until late Jan. died while idling; took to dealership. They couldn’t replicate problem and gave the car expensive fuel system clean. Ran great until 2 wks ago when it died @ a drive through. When the car stalls out I can wait 15-20 mns. and it will restart w/out problem. Took it back to dealership and they suggested a boatload of replacements,STARTING with new computer, computer wiring harness, EGR clean out, 02 sensor replacement, etc. Help! Thanks

Keep looking for a competent shop. One that won’t blindly throw parts at the problem.

Has anybody tried wiggling wires and connectors while it’s idling? Does the check engine light come on?

Ahem, idle speed control? They can be intermittent or act differently. I had one that would fail for a while, then run okay, then after while fail again.

Watch the tachometer. When you start it, it should run smoothly up to the desired rpm, and sit there. If it is ragged or bounces up and down at times, that is a sign even if the car does not die.

Let me add, though, that needing to wait a long time to re-start would not seem to be linked to the idle speed control.

Thanks for the info. The tach stays steady and when it dies, I have been too concerned w/getting out of the flow of traffic to see what the tach is reading when the car stalls - if it changes at all.

Check engine light is not on. My mechanic has wiggled wires, connectors, and other parts I probably forgot about. The car runs really great, except when it doesn’t. And I won’t be reeled in by dealership’s inability to pinpoint the problem by elimination through replacement after replacement. If the car’s computer is faulty, how does that get diagnosed?

Has anyone tried pulling codes? This model will store codes that don’t appear often enough to turn on the check engine light.

Are you using any type of air filter that requires oil, like a K&N? These damage the MAF sensor, but it can be cleaned, it does not need to be replaced.