Car Dies Riding Down the Road

I have a 1997 Honda Accord. Drives like a new car except it completely looses power every so often riding down the road. After it sits for 5, 10 or 15 minutes,it starts back up again like nothing happened. The dealer can’t find out what’s wrong. The codes have been checked out. It’s had a new regulator module, tune up, new wires, hoses. Any ideas?

The codes have been checked out.

What were the codes? Preferably the actual codes like (P01234)

a few things. the gas pump could be getting hot and turning off. then starts up when it cools down. do you run this car with less then a 1/4
tank of gas alot this will cause the pump to go bad. check the vapoer system canister. also check the fuel return line that sends fuel back
into the tank. if the line is clogged you will have high pressure in the system causing regulator not to work.

I have had this happen to me on a different vehicle. It was the distributor for me and I suspect is an electrical problem for you. The dealer must have it in his hands when it won’t start.

There are two, or three, components inside the distributor which can cause this. I don’t usually advise to “change a part” without some testing to reveal the fault; but, changing the distributor for this problem, on Honda, has been a successful “fix”.
There is a court ordered repair of the emission system on your year Honda, up to 150,000 miles. Ask your dealer, or the Honda regional representative, if your problem may be covered by this.

There is also the master relay. This can go bad, and shut down the car like flipping a switch.

Maybe you need a new fuel pump relay. It’s under the dashboard. This is a standard Honda problem, although usually on older cars.

Simple and inexpensive to fix, but annoying.