Car dies at idel

Accent 97
So after I replaced the assembly pipe i had to remove a lot of things and when I putted all back the car dies at idel .
If I hold the gas pedal it keep ignated but as soon as I relase the gas pedal the car dies.
But if I hold long enough the gas pedal the engine will run really bad not enough to move.

What can cause that ?
Can it have anything with rocker cover seal?

The Idle Air Control valve may be unplugged, dirty, or defective.

The IAC valve controls the engines idle under all conditions.


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double check your work to make sure you connected all the vacuum hoses and sensors

Common name for this part? Why did you replace it?

You knocked a vacuum hose off of the manifold while replacing the coolant pipe.

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Ok, this is the poster who prior asked how to replace their inlet coolant pipe. Tell us all the stuff you removed to do this job, then we’d be better able to venture a guess. If you were messing with the valve covers, double check that all the parts of the pcv system have been reinstalled correctly. Incorrectly configured pcv systems can create huge vacuum leaks, and cause this sort of symptom. When I diddled with that pipe (as part of replacing the water pump) on my Corolla I didn’t need to remove the valve covers, just loosen them. I did need to remove hoses connected to the throttle body, such as the canister purge hose. And I had to remove the electrical connectors at the distributor. OP’s problem doesn’t sound like an electrical problem though. Good idea to do the basic battery/charging system test even so.

I experienced one little engine performance glitch now that I think about it. In order to lift the valve cover enough to remove the timing covers I had to remove the spark plug cables from the plugs. I just left the cables in the holes, but forgot to push them back onto the plugs upon reassembly… So double check the cables are properly connected to the spark plugs.

I think I found the problem.
There is a small hole in the rocker cover ( dry plastic that got a small crack probably due to removing of some screws from the rocker cover)

Can this be the cause of it ?

Maybe parts of the engine are trying to escape, post a picture.

?? Isn’t this engine a dual overhead cam design?

no, my engine is a sohc,
why does in matter?

when the key is in the egnittion and the electric system is on its making a buzz/hummm noise.
idk if that ok

It’s just a little confusing is all. The term “rocker cover” isn’t commonly used here when referring to OHC engines. “Valve cover” is the more common nomenclature. In any event I don’t think a small hole in that part – whatever its name — would explain the degree of symptoms you are experiencing.

There are 12 rocker arms under that cover, I wonder is something inside has come apart.


I was afraid of that … lol … yeah, some OHC designs use rockers to manipulate the direction/range of motion needed for pressing on the valves. My mistake, “rocker cover” is ok.

Glueing the hole with special silicon is a good idea ?
Or only buying a new cover is the solution?
I’m asking because this is a really old car and it’s hard to find that part

I don’t think a hole in the valve cover/rocker cover is going to be the cause of your engine dying. A hole there shouldn’t cause a vacuum leak. You could temporarily stick some duct tape on there and see. But I think you’ve got an issue elsewhere. Vacuum leak, iac valve unplugged, or something worse.

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