Car dies after five minutes of driving

My car dies after driving it for five minutes. It seems mostly to die when I slow down or come to a complete stop and go to step on the gas pedal again. I then need to let it sit for a few minutes before it will start again. It also makes a ticking noise when it is started up.

Someone suggested that it might be the alternator which I took out and got checked and it’s fine an the guy at the auto parts store suggested that it might be my ignition control module. Does this sound likely? Any other suggestions?

What year is it? How many miles are on it?

How old are your spark plugs? Wires? Air and fuel filters? Is your check engine light on? What else can you say about the maintenance history?

I don’t know who would tell you that this was your alternator. How exactly would they explain it starting back up after a few minutes?

could be your starter just a suggestion

is the noise coming from injectors or rocker covers?

It’s a 95 with about 155,000 miles on it. Just had it in for inspection about five months ago and it passed. Spark plugs are new, not sure about wires, air and fuel filters. Check engine light is not on. I also had the fuel pump replaced close to three months ago.

I honestly know very little about cars, so I’m not sure where the sound is coming from. I don’t know if it helps to mention that when my car would run for longer than five minutes at a time, the ticking noise would eventually go away.

How about this - an old clogged fuel filter killed the last fuel pump and is now working on this one. Its a possibility.

Also take care of the air filter.

Have someone check for a clogged exhaust system.

what year is it? if it new enough it might be the oxygen censor