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1998 Ford Escort SOHC fuel issues

I recently replaced a bad head gasket on this car. After putting the reworked head back on the engine and putting everything back together, I can’t get fuel to the engine. I cheated and took the intake manifold out and bolted it to the head and then set it back in the car plugging my injectors back into the manifold once in there. I checked all my electrical connections and they are all good. I am not getting power to the fuel pump, which was replaced a year ago when I first started tinkering with fixing the car. I get power to and from the inertia/fuel cut-off switch, but it doesn’t appear to get to the fuel pump. I checked all the injectors to make sure they were seated properly which they were and all the fuses both under the dash and hood that I know about and then some. When I pull the 30amp fuse under the hood, and replace it, I do hear a sound that sounds like something is pressurizing or pumping for a second or to, but the sound is from under the hood and not from the pump/gas tank area. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m confused. Did you check for 12V at the fuel pump with a volt meter and you don’t have it? When you turn the key to the run position (dash lights on but no crank) do you heat the pump run? If 12V power - checked with a voltmeter - makes it to the inertia switch, but not to the pump, then you’d need to start tracing wires from the switch to the pump. The first thing you run into after the switch should be a pump driver module - right near the switch somewhere. Then I think it should be the pump itself after that.

One way to just quickly tell whether the pump itself is dead is to just disconnect it under the seat and put 12V directly to it.

I did check for voltage at the fuel pump with both a test light and a volt meter and got nothing. I never heard the pump run at all, but did hear something under the hood that sounded like something was trying to pressure up. I tested the wiring at the inertia switch with a test light and got power to and from the switch. I’m not sure which wire to test with at the pump, because there is 3 wires going to the pump, not sure which is positive/negative. I have never heard of a drive module, what does it look like? But if I am getting power to the inertia switch, it should be to the pump from there shouldn’t it?