Escort turned off after getting off freeway

My question is this: My Escort (1996 Ford Escort LX, 1.9l, 4 cyl)just died after putting regular gas in and driving 19 miles. When I got on the off-ramp and make a right turn to my street, the car just died. No sputter, smoke or other types of indicators. It just lost power. All the accessories still work (radio, lights, etc.). When I turn the key in the ignition, I only get the noise of the car “trying” to start but no catch. Any suggestions on what part may be affected? Starter? Alternator? Air valve was another suggestion by a Good Samaritan.

Thank you!

You stated that the starter was turning the engine over so the starter is ok. You may a broken timing belt causing this trouble. Hopefully it is either just an ignition problem or a fuel problem. You could try spaying some starter fluid into the intake to see if the engine responds to that. If it does then you have a fuel delivery problem. If you don’t get any action then check for spark getting to the plugs. If the CEL light is on then have the codes checked for a possible clue to the trouble.