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Car diagnostic VW Golf 1.4FSI (2005)

Some background: I just bought the car three weeks ago and before I bought it they did a big service check. Last week I was driving from Belgium to Scotland and my car brokedown on the motorway. The AA helped me out and found a coil burnt out, and a fuse blown. They replaced them and everything was running fine again. The car has 71.000miles.
Today my check engine light came on. I connected my OBD2 reader and found this code P2096 (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1).
After some research, I know this is a fairly generic code with a lot of different possibilities. The freeze frame data have me this.
LOAD_PCT(%) 70.6
ETC (*C) 89
SHRTFT1(%) -0.8
LONGFT1(%) 7.8
MAP(kPa) 72
RPM(/min) 3880
VSS(m/h) 75

Could anyone help me out? I know what the values mean from the freeze frame data but I don’t know if any of the values are good or not good.

Thanks, Lorenz