Car dent repair costs?

Hey guys,
I reversed into my friends car this morning leaving a dent in his car door.
I told him to get a quote from a body shop and I would send him the quoted amount so he can fix it. He can’t get a quote this week because he’s busy so I wanted to ask how much you guys would think it would cost to repair, bear in mind that we live in the UK, around leeds, and that the car is a mini cooper which cost 3k. The photos should upload below.
Thank you.

Well no way to tell but you have not only the door but the quarter panel and re- painting. My guess would be to expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to 2000. Don’t know what that is in pounds but not cheap.

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A panel beater would need to look at the damage and then determine if it’s cheaper to repair the damage, or replace the door.


Mostly a US site so we have no idea the repair costs for the UK. Collision repair shops in the US give free quotes, I’d hope they would in the UK, too.

Sorry that happened, frustrating. Good for you for remembering that friendships are more important than doors. For the door problem, a new door-skin might be the best and most economical solution. Google that term you’ll find some vdos/info on how it is done, and whether there’s even such a product available for that particular car. The majority of the door is retained and only the outer layer is replaced. And even simpler, it might be possible to just beat that dent out, a little bondo, paint, done. Matching the paint requires quite a bit of expertise. No matter how it is done, I’d be surprised if the repair fee would be less than $2500 in my area

Did your car get damaged?

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Get an itemized estimate for a repair. While you wait, find out what the cost of a used door is. If you can find one with the same color you might luck out and not need a respray. The itemized estimate would show respray in case a replacement door needs paint. There would be added cost to remove the old door and hang a new to you door if you replace the original.

Because of the quarter panel damage, painting will be required, even with a color matched door. For a skilled body man, I think they would just weld tabs on various spots and pull the majority of the dents out. A little grinding, filling, and painting. Seen worse door pulled out. At $100 plus an hour though, gotta figure at least a days work, plus $500 fir painting. So yeah maybe exceeding the $2000.

My son backed into my friends car door in our driveway back around 2005-2006 and it was a 1999 Chrysler LHS, I told him to get me 3 est from local body shops and I would pay the middle price, he did and it cost me way back then (US) over $700… I would expect in todays times it would be much closer to a minimum of $1500 or more today…
Again, as mentioned there is a huge pond between us…

Here’s an idea . . .

why don’t YOU bring the car to the shop and pay to get it repaired?

You’re the one that damaged it


That would work also, but my friend lived 200 miles away, so not very practicable… lol