Car damage during test drive

I was test driving a car in Oregon and damaged the car a little bit after the road being more slick than expected. There is some scratching of the side skirt and it was popped out a little bit.

I was wondering how the insurance or liability gets settled in this scenario. Thanks!

Most likely it will be collision on your policy, and you pay the deductible. Not the dealers policy.

your damage,your insurance takes care of it.let them know

Ah, okay. Thanks for the heads up guys

Had the same type of thing happen to my son’s car. Called attorney and consumer advocate talk program. Told our rights included compensation for the value of the car (the car shop totaled it) and reimbursement for the repair charges that were rendered null and void once the car was totaled prior to receipt of services. I hope that’s the case. I’d hate to think my insurance is affected for my trust in that blasted car shop! We’ve disputed the repair charges with our credit card company. We’re filling out the small claims court form today.

Hopefully you have collision insurance as it covers the damage. Otherwise in the end you pay out of pocket if you have liability only.