Car cranky but won't start

Car is a 1989 6 cyl 3ltr automatic. At a recent trip to the car wash, water leaked into the passenger and driver side carpet from the center under the dash. Seemed to come from near the vents. I got one block and it died put into neutral and pushed out of the road. Car started after about 5 minutes. It lost power when I stepped on the gas at first but then drove normally. Got home garaged it after sopping up more of the water and leaving the doors open & battery disconnected. It started the next day after the same open-door, battery-disconnect routine to dry it out. This time he backed it into the garage and it hasn’t started since. Fuel pump works but no spark. We’ve tried replacing the engine control unit with one that works in a 1990 maxima no change. Please help my Dad and my husband are working on this…

Check fusible link. Do you have primary voltage at the coil?

Thank you for the diagrams of the locations of the fusible links. Yes we do have primary voltage at the coil. Sorry for the delay in my reply to your kind suggestion. Can you suggest a simple test to make sure these links are good? We have some basic testing equipment available to us.
We have been unable to work on the car since I last posted.
We have checked and tested the following so far to try to isolate the problem:
When we turn the ignition key, car doesn’t pump fuel. When we pulled the rear seat and tested the fuel pump using an independent power source the fuel pump functioned normally.

we have primary voltage at the coil.
Please help if you can.