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98 Nissan Maxima won't start

I ran out of gas oneday and I put gas in there and had it parked for about a month. I have been trying to start it it’s just cranking won’t start I checked fuel pump it’s getting gas but the injectors aren’t

Have you tried the key dance? Turn the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start.) The fuel pump should run for a few seconds then stop. Turn key back to Off then to Run. Do this cycle a few times. Each time more fuel and fuel pressure is brought up to the injectors. Then turn the key to Start.

Exactly how did you determine that . . . ?!

If the fuel pressure measures ok and it’s cranking ok, could be either lack of spark or fuel injectors not injecting. If you are certain the injectors aren’t getting pulsed, once cause for that is the engine computer doesn’t think the engine is actually rotating. Even though it is. How it determines the engine is rotating depends on the design, either a crank position sensor, or a distributor shaft sensor. Worth checking those sensors.