Car chugs when you get to 60k and then between 60 and 80 ks help

what would it be has new plugs could it be the wires or fuel filter and where do i find the fuel filter it is a 95 ford countour 6 cylinder

Some more info and a little clarification would help.
By “k” or “ks” are you referring to Miles Per Hour, Kilometers, Knots, or mileage?

How many miles on the car, any Check Engine Light coming on, and does it idle smoothly and run fine at slow speeds?

I believe the fuel filter is located near the right rear wheel on this model and uses hairpin clips to hold the lines in place. This means a small screwdriver can be used to pry them off whereas the garter spring disconnects require a special tool.
A clogged filter can cause a high speed miss and faulty plug wires should cause a rough idle.

I assume it’s 60-80 kph (that would be about 40- 50 mph for those of us who still us stone age measurements).

Change the spark plug wires and check the ignition coil by following these instructions: click on this: To change the fuel filter, click on these instructions (with photographs):