2000 Ford Mustang chugs after sitting at a stoplight



I have a 2000 Ford Mustang with about 80K miles. I have noticed over the past month or so that when I am sitting at a stop light and then start up once the light turns green it chugs a bit and then takes off. I notice the problem more if I sit stopped for a couple of minutes and then gun it right away. If I gradually ease on to the gas I notice it less, but occasionally still does the same thing.

Someone had mentioned that it might be related to the idle speed. If I am completely stopped and let of the brake the car will start to move forward (sometimes a more quickly than others), so they said it might be idling too high. Another thought was maybe the spark plugs or the air filter…? I’m not car expert, so I figured I’d let someone here tell me what you think.


If it makes a difference, the car is an automatic… Any help is appreciated!!


Do the tuneup, maintenance things, first: spark plug and wire, air filter, fuel filter. If, after that, it still does it, have the tps (throttle position sensor) checked. It’s voltage, or resistance, should vary smoothly as the throttle is slowly moved.