Car bucks going uphill

My 05 impala 3800 bucks going up hill, I m going 60 with the cruise control set and as it tries accelerating without downshifting it will Buck I ve changed to plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, fuel regulator, battery, and recently installed a ram air system. I can t seem to figure this out.

Will it buck if you’re driving up the hill NOT in cruise control?

Just out of curiosity, report compression on all cylinders.


That driving situation stresses the ability of the engine to get enough airflow, enough gasoline, and to quickly exhaust the exhaust gasses out the tailpipe. Suggest to check the air filter, the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the cat, and the rest of exhaust system for obstructions. Too much EGR could cause it too.

Ok, but I did put in a ram air intake and fuel filter, I had the a mechanic plug into the car and no code showed up just HVAC test failed.

You might be experiencing torque converter lock-up clutch slipping/chatter. An intake or exhaust restriction will reduce power but unlikely to cause bucking.

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Did the problem start after that, or before?