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2001 Chevy Implala 95,000 miles

Low power going up hills. No check engine light. Fuel filter replaced. Fuel pressure regulator was leaking replaced. Spark plugs replaced and wires. Air filter replaced. Fuel injector cleaner used. You can gradually increase speed around 20 -30 power seems normal and around 50 mph power seems fine. I did find Crank shaft sensor wires burned down to the copper. The wires were repaired. Could the sensor cause this kind of problem?

I can’t speak to what the frayed wires would do though I’m most familiar with crank sensor problems creating much more severe symptoms - like no starts, stalls, misfires, whatever. Someone else may know more/differently.

I have two other suggestions though - one is to ask whether the fuel pressure has been tested - and it should be tested when it is under load, not just static at idle. The other is to say to check for exhaust system restrictions.

I think you hit it with the Exhaust restrictions. I had a shop look at it and he said he thinks it the catalytic converter. Car temp rises if you give to the gas up hill. it did get a P0404 EGR code. Egr is good and lines are clear.