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Car Brakes

Thank you for having this wonderful website!

I brought my 2003 Mustang to my regular mechanic. I paid for front and back brakes a month ago. Now they are squealing as I stop. I stopped back and let them hear it and they said come back when you can leave it for a half day. They said it could be because of a little dirt and sometimes even if everything is alright brakes will squeak.

They also said this can be a problem since asbestos has been taken out of the equation.

The receipt reads " front motorcraft disc brake pads, rear motorcraft disc brake pads, labor to install front and rear disc brake pads and resurface front disc brake rotors on-car." I have been going to this station for years and like the people, but

want some knowledge before I go back. I can’t believe I have to live with squeaky brakes. Thank you for your time and help.

You don’t have to. Many new pads today have a coating on the back of them that prevents the squeal. Oder pads used shims to stop the noise. When they are replaced, either the shims are not working or were not reinstalled.

There are products that can be put on the back side of the pads that will stop the noise. Your mechanics should use one of these. They will need about an hour to do this though as the pads have to be removed, coated, let dry and reinstalled.


Thank you for your answer.