Car battery

need to know how to get a corroded, positive battery connector off!!! oh, yeah, by the way - it is stripped - what kind of tool do i need?

You’ll probably need to cut it off and install a new end on the wire. The battery is bad, leaking, which is why the connector is so corroded.

You can purchase a terminal puller at an auto parts store for a few dollars. The puller slides under the cable connector and as you screw the puller down against the terminal, it pops the connector off the terminal. You might also pour some Coca-Cola (or PepsiCola, Royal Crown, etc) on the connector. The phosphoric acid will help break loose the corrosion. Once you get the connector off, you can cut it off the cable and purchase a new connector for a few dollars at the auto parts store.

in the interim of getting your message - i went to buy some liquid tape to pour over the exposed copper wires i found when i clipped the whole thing off… have enough slack i think to reconnect to the metal “adapter” i found at napa - you are silly suggesting i pour my crown royal on the cable… i mean, really! i use that to corrode my liver!

There’s a significant difference between Crown Royal whiskey and Royal Crown cola. I wouldn’t waste Crown Royal on a battery, either, but Royal Crown would work.

Heavens no! Drink the crown royal, but it is permissible to use Royal Crown Cola (I guess it’s still available) on the cable connector. You might cheap out and use Sam’s Club Cola. Check with Consumer Reports to see if its phosphoric acid content is high enough to go after the cable corrosion. My son used Dr. Pepper and it worked, so there is a chance that Sam’s Club Cola may be o.k.

i snipped it off and crimped the three very fat wires together with the adapter piece and just finished applying some red liquid tape around the copper wires that are exposed… no one around here has the red rubber sheathing that is typically used… waiting to let dry and then applying a second coating… then I should be ready to sit in the new battery and hook up the connectors… and other suggestions? once hooked, should i let is set awhile before i try to start the vehicle?

Just be certain to hook up the positive connection first and the negative connection last. This will prevent sparks in case your wrench would slip while hooking up the positive cable.

that would have been good to know! did it very carefully - did see a spark…now i know why!!! started and it worked fine - this car talk thing worked great for me - my father would be proud - this is not my cup of tea, so i think i will pour myself a drink!

thanks very much!!!

Just be aware you have created a high maintiance (at a high current area) connection. For the rest of the time you own this car youw will have to pay close attention to this “repair”.

any tips to monitor? thanks!

Back at step two, instead of Royal Crown Cola, a Baking Soda solution would have worked MUCH better to neutralize the acid that was/is eating up the connector and wire. Now sealed up in red plastic, you will just have to wait and see if the problem recurs…