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Car alarm goes off every morning

Have a 2005 Ford Escape - my alarm goes off every morning at about 8 am. Been to a mechanic, but so far no fix.

Obviously, someone is trying to steal your car every morning.

(I got nothing.)


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Calling car alarm shops sounds like a start. Replacement or just making the alarm inactive.

Factory or aftermarket alarm . . . ?!

In my experience, it’s usually cheapo aftermarket alarms that are too sensitive, and go off at all hours of the night, due to the slightest gust of wind, or a car driving by

Try parking in a different location as a test, or with the car facing a different direction, different orientation. That might provide a clue anyway to what’s causing it. I’ve heard of claims of nearby radio transmitters causing car alarms to go off for example. Maybe it is even more simple than that, just your neighbor leaving for work and putting his auto garage door opener up as he exits using the remote; i.e. the rf interference from that is setting your alarm off. One time I had a sewing machine that in pressing buttons for certain modes would cause my auto garage door opener to go up and own.

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I’ve seen car alarms go off when a loud motorcycle passes.

At the risk of being wrong, I am willing to bet a cup of coffee that the OP has an aftermarket alarm, rather than a “factory” alarm system.
In my experience, most of those aftermarket alarms need to be ripped out after a few years in order to alleviate a host of problems that they cause.

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It would be nice if the OP would return with more information. Such as, how long has this been happening, is it after market, was the mechanic even familiar with alarm systems.

I’ve known many people that bought a car with a factory alarm that worked just fine

But they were somehow talked into . . . or perhaps decided on their own . . . installing a cheapo aftermarket alarm, in addition

Some of these people were idiots, plain and simple

They didn’t read their owner’s manual and weren’t aware the car had a factory alarm

Some people thought it didn’t have a factory alarm, because it didn’t have a separate key fob for the alarm, but using the key to lock the vehicle in the normal fashion also armed the factory system. Again, reading the owner’s manual would have explained how everything works

I recall that a study was done on this exact problem back in the late 80’s. It turned out to be relays that were getting soaked by the morning dew.