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Car Alarm and Wheel locks for BMW

Dear Readers,

The 2011 535i did not come with an alarm (no blinking red light on the rear-view mirror) nor locks for the rim. I declined Lojack thinking I could deal with them directly. Any consensus on which of these are a worthwhile to install?


Wheel locks are pretty cheap insurance. Get the kind that use the irregular circle-type socket/lug combination:

They’re harder to get through than the ones that use irregular sockets with outside grips. As for alarm, if you want to get one, I usually recommend Compustar. I have one on my convertible, and it’s quite good. It pages me when it goes off, which is helpful because a lot of people ignore car alarms.

Lojack is pretty expensive insurance. I’d have to have a car that’s even nicer than a BMW before I could justify that. We’re talking exotics here, like Ferrari or Lambo. Remember that if the car gets stolen, you’ll get it replaced for not much more than insurance deductible. With lojack you’re paying deductible sometimes more than twice per year, even if the car never gets swiped.

Where do you recommend that I get these type of wheel locks? I did a general search, and there are not may places that sell for this car 2011 535i (F10 with the sports pkg?).

Wheel locks are pretty generic. You only need to know the size of your lug nuts.

I picked up my from the dealer parts department. For this item the dealer price was about the same as ADAP.