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Rim and Tire Plan for BMW

I understand from the dealer that BMW is offering for $1200 a 5 year unlimited miles assurance plan that if anything happens to the tires or rims that they are replaced for free. Has anyone has experience with this plan. Is this a worthwhile purchase?


Lots of BMWs have rim damage due to the low-profile tires. What size are you looking at getting?

Your collision/comprehensive coverage you will undoubtedly have on this car should cover the same things at no additional cost, and you will have an easier time getting damages covered by them than by this specialty insurance. It sounds like a new type of profit center BMW is offering to go with offerings like paint protection, Scotch-Gard, and non-BMW extended warranties.

There is probably enough fine print in the coverage to ensure they never have to replace a wheel or tire because certain things aren’t covered or could have been avoided somehow, like many extended warranties. For example, if you rub the edge of the rim on a curb and tear up the finish, they probably will not do anything for you because it is still round and will hold air. In other words, you will probably have to completely destroy a rim or tire in order for it to be covered by this plan, and it will already be covered by your collision insurance. I know someone who bought a supposedly very comprehensive extended warranty for their car. Their sunroof developed a leak, which destroyed the trip computer in the overhead console. After much bickering, they fixed the sunroof but refused to fix the trip computer because it didn’t go bad on it’s own; it was water damaged. I also found a loose inner tie rod end, something that is covered by the extended warranty. They took the car in and was told that, for the warranty to replace the tie rod end, it must completely break. They will not cover it because it has excessive play. I guess they are hoping it will break and total the vehicle in the resulting accident so they don’t have to pay anything out, and if they’re really lucky, it will kill the occupants so they don’t have to hear about it from the person who bought the warranty.

I wouldn’t suggest buying something like this. If you are concerned about your wheels, make sure they are covered in your car insurance policy and bank the money for repairs/maintenance, or even put it towards lowering your collision/comprehensive deductible for the next five years. It will probably be cheaper that way and get you better coverage. The purpose of this plan is not to protect you in any way, but to make money for the dealership.

These are the 19" sport rims that come with the Sport pkg 535i

Check you auto insurance, see if they’re covered, that’s new to me. But the magic words ‘sport rims’ typically mean extra-low profile tires. Get the description of the rim coverage, see how hard it is to file a claim. Also important is how rough your roads are, and how many potholes you have to deal with.

Me, I’d skip the ‘sport package’, the ride’s a bit rougher, too.

275/35-19 or 245/40-19 are the 2 sizes tire rack lists for the 2011 535i sport. Those are pretty close to bicycle tire height

Car and Driver magazine has a 5-series BMW as a long term test car. They’ve already replaced several tires and wheels, at significant expense.

BMW needs to rethink their reliance on extremely low profile tires.

I would not pay the dealer $1,200, but I would expect to have to replace a few tires and/or wheels if you purchase a BMW.

This is just one more reason I will not buy a BMW, even though I’m their perfect demographic, and I’d love to own one.

No. I don’t want to own one, I just want to drive one.

I would read the fine print in their offer. I would also check and see if the comprehensive insurance you probably have would cover tire and wheel damage. There is no sense in in paying twice for the same insurance…I bet a single tire and wheel for that car will cost more than $1200. And over a 5 year period you will probably have to buy more than one as they are very susceptible to damage.

The ride delivered by the “Sport Package” will get old fast too…