2001 Toyota 4Runner: Cruise Control Issue

When cruise control is engaged and vehicle is climbing moderately steep inclines, the engine revs up VERY high(screams!) to get to the set speed. It revs so high, I turn the cruise control off. Is this normal or can this be an adjustment problem?

Does the speed go past what you have it set to?? If not then this is normal. The higher revving engine is the tranny downshifted for more torque.

No it does not go past the “set” speed. But, it seems to rev abnormally high to get back to that speed on a hill. I’ve driven many other cars and they tend to accelerate gradually to get “back to speed”. It startles my wife so much when it happens and she has asked “What are you doing? Why are you going so fast?” I tell her its not me, its the cruise control.So, I just take the cruise off when I get in hilly terrain. Kind of tough when you live in the mountains.

The engine revs up because the transmission has shifted to a lower gear to climb the hill. This can happen on any vehicle when the cruise control is on and you are climbing a hill. My car does the same thing occasionally, and when it does I turn the cruise control off until I’m out of the hilly terrain.

Well, sounds like it may be working OK. I’ll just leave it off on trips in hilly terrain. But, I will definitely test drive my next Toyota in a hilly area to try out the cruise control before I buy it to see if it does this, too. It is pretty annoying to have a very high-quality SUV that can’t accelerate gradually in hilly areas. I have driven a state-owned Dodge minivan over some of the same exact roads and it accelerates quietly, easily and gradually. It doesn’t “scream” to get back to speed. Its the only negative thing I find on this otherwise excellent vehicle.

The cruise control on my 2006 Chevrolet Uplander acts like its on a hair spring trigger and will cause the vehicle to downshift on moderate hills or if I am traveling and reset the cruise to 10 mph faster. On the other hand, the cruise control on our 2003 Toyota 4Runner acclerates the car more gradually and doesn’t downshift as rapidly. I don’t know if there is an adjustment or that is the way it is.

Thanks for the information. Like I said, this been an excellent trouble-free vehicle and has been for over 150K. I’ll just keep doin’ what I’ve been doin’. Thanks again.