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Cap n rotor replacement gone bad 98 Mazda protege

I have 98 protege 1.5L the car was running fine I just bought it and wanted to do a basic tune up. I did plug wires cap and rotor. Iv done this several times and never had issues. I matched everything as it was.the first time I fired it up it was running rough and as soon as I would put it into drive it would die so I swapped everything back to the old stuff to see if maybe there was something wrong with the new stuff now it won’t start at all I have NOOOO idea what to do please help this is my only car haha

Usually you get the rotation wrong and end up with 1243 instead of 1342. Swap the 2 and 3 wires and see what you get. CW is clockwise and CCW is counter-clockwise.

I have the firing order right for sure

Progressing to disaster; the square one procedure is to check the condition of the timing belt if your engine has one. It may have chosen to lose grip and move about. Of course, any other part could have just chosen a fine moment to give out.