94 mazda protege will not start

I am in Minneapolis, MN. I took my car 1994 Mazda protege to Firestone for tune up and oil change, which I have been using their services for the last 7 years.

When I took my car two years ago to the same people for the general service of tune up and oil change, they told me that the 3rd spark plug will not come out, since it is stack. However, the car drives the same without any problem.

Obviously, I took it for tune up and oil change to the same place. And that was yesterday of 10/19/09

This morning, when I try to start it, though it cranks will not starts.

According to the invoice, they used “EK-10T ever-wear fuel system cleaner and fuel system”.

A day after the tune up, with usual Minnesota weather of 40 degree above, still the car will not start.

Is there anyway of loosening the stuck plug out? If so, then how can one do it?

Please Help

The unchanged plug will not cause the engine not to start. If the other plugs were renewed, the engine will catch on those and the 3rd plug will fire but at a higher break over voltage. BTW is the stuck plug a platinum plug? If so leave it in until you get a P0303 code which would indicate that the computer recognizes that the 3rd cylinder is not contributing its share to the total torque.

Back to your problem. You will have to have someone determine if there is no spark on any of the plugs; if there is no fuelor too much being injected; if the spark timing is wrong; etc. Your mechanic will have to trouble shoot the exact problem. Don’t assume the problem is where you suspect it might be.

Hope that helps.