Can't take a joke

I wish I thought of this when I was teaching my kids to drive.

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Hah! I put my 14 year old daughter behind the wheel for the first time this weekend, that would have been perfect.

Greatr video, it is a Dutch video. She utters the words, “doet leeft” which is Dutch and translate to, “Does live” :roll_eyes:

I wonder what it means in the colloquial sense… L :grin: L . . .

When my last 2 kids were 13 and 14, I got a new car and thy were curious about many of it’s features. They asked what the button on the dash was that had emergency symbols on it (emergency flashers). So I had fatherly discussion about distracted driving. I said the #1 source of disracted driving is cell phones. The #2 cause is children in the back seat being disruptive. And that button when pushed would provide a mild electric shoc to the back seats to calm any disruptions. To my surprise, they both believed me. They even told their friends at church, so I had a couple of teenagers asked if my new car had that feature. So they got the distracted driving lesson and became believers. If my kids got to fussing in the car, I’d put my finger by the button and their butts would lift and they’d straighten up. They must have gotten suspicious over the next couple of years, cause they kept asking me to shock them so they could see for themselves. It would be worth a shock just to find out. I just told them that it’s a safety feature and not a toy and it should not be played with. Finally my daughter turned 17 and I had to teach her to drive. She was genuinely disgusted when I told her what it really is. But sometimes I can still get a startle and a smile if I reach for the button.


I thought that it would be that video when next reply was about the 14 year old daugher!