Can't shift out of park ( Honda Accord Hybrid - 2005)

I am not able to shift out of park. The dashboard has shows the TMS icon when I turn put the key in the ignition. The only way I can shift it is to take the cap off the gear box, put the key in, shift the gear into neutral and then put the key in the ignition to drive/shift gears.

Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation?
I am not familiar with this warning icon, so perhaps you can explain this detail for me.

Anyway, the first thing to check is the interlock switch on the shift mechanism. It is supposed to release when the brake is applied, but apparently yours is not releasing. This should be an easy fix for your mechanic.

Is “TMS” Tire monitoring system? I don’t actually know, nor would I know how the system works on this car. But have you looked in the owner’s manual to see what it has to say? Maybe that system’s job is to try to keep you from driving the car if X is the problem.