Cant make it start

95 stratus 2.4L DOHC…backfires through throttle body when trying to start…checked timing marks are within 1/2 tooth of each other on cam…dead on crank…checked compression all cyls 160-170 psi took cranksft sensor out put in good running car…car started fine…checked camshaft sensor test ok according to chiltons…had another computer flashed by dodge dealer put in same thing cranks tries to start then poofs back through throttle body…help

Does this have plug wires? Distributor?
Could be out of order.

Are you turning the engine the right way ? It shouldn’t be possible to be off 1/2 a tooth unless your belt is tearing ? Do both cams on this engine have a timing mark ? and are they both off the same amount in the same direction? When checking the marks, the belt section on the non-tensioner side should have absolutely no slack in it.