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Cant go in gear and no break lights

My 92 toyota landcruiser won’t go into gear without pushing the over ride button,and my break lights don’t work.I’ve changed the break light switch,the bulbs,and the tail light relay.Any more ideas?

That sounds way too much like a brake light switch not to be one. So the first thing I’d do is get a wiring diagram and check out the wiring for the brake light switch.

Have you checked the 10 amp ‘Stop’ fuse? Is there voltage on both sides of the fuse? Is there voltage on one of the terminals of the brake switch? Does voltage appear on the other terminal when the brake pedal is pushed?

This is a pretty simple circuit so tracing the voltage from the battery to the bulbs should be straight forward.

The shift interlock gets its signel from the brake switch that goes to a module that activates the shift interlock solenoid through the 15 amp ECU Ig fuse.

Hope this helps.