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Can't get the CEL to go off

My check engine light came on a couple weeks ago. I got the code for mass air flow sensor. I replaced it and drove it about 150 miles before it came back on. I have now changed my mass air flow sensor twice with OEM parts, reset the code multiple times, put a new K&N air filter in and the light still comes within 3 or so miles. I have a 2017 Titan XD with the Cummins. I did find a skinned wire that looks like a rodent got it but I soldered it back together so it is solid.

Please post the code. There are several. They have different causes. Seems apparent that yours is not caused by a bad MAF as you have proved twice.

Might be useful to know how many miles are on the truck. How often you clean and oil your K&N filter, and if you tried cleaning the MAF before replacing it. And, of course post the code and we’ll give it a go.


You need a shop tech with a scan tool who can see what the values are that cause the issue. Code says maf? What reading is out of range? Time for a pro to look at it.

The code is P0101. I just put the K&N in the other day. I took out an OEM filter that wasn’t dirty and really did not need to be changed just to try to fix the issue. The truck has 61K miles on it. Yes I tried cleaning the sensor with cleaner from the auto parts store. Thanks for your help

I should also note that the truck is not running or idling rough. I can tell no difference in the performance or mileage.

P0101 causes are listed below…

Dirty or contaminated mass air flow sensor
Failed MAF sensor Intake air leaks
MAF sensor electrical harness or wiring problem (open, shorted, frayed, poor connection, etc.)

But most all the symptoms show driveability problems.

Strange that you have no driveability issues… That leads me to think it might be an ECU programming issue.

You may also consider a trip to the dealer. There are a number of technical service bulletins for ECU software updates for your model truck. Yours might be one of them and it might be throwing the P0101 incorrectly. There seems to be a similar issue for 2012 and earlier Titans.

We tested K&N air filters at the company I retired from.

The results?

If you want to keep birds and chipmunks out of your engine, that’s the air filter to use.



A code doesn’t say that a part is bad. It gives you a list of items that need to be checked.