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Can't get gas to go in empty tank

I have a 1990 Bronco II and I drove over 150 miles. When I try to put gas in the tank I have only been able to get about 2 gallons in and the hose clicks with gas spraying back at me. What is wrong ? I know I can’t be getting gas mileage that good.

Have you been in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it up? If you look around you likely will find a sticker or a note in your owner’s manual telling you not to do that. It can cause that kind of problem.

It is also possible that there is another problem with the vapor recovery/vent system on your car or that a anti spill (during an accident) device may be stuck closed.

Some people have found relief by filling the tank slowly.

To the best of my recollection, early '90s vehicles did not have a device to prevent fuel spill in the event of a rollover accident, so that possibility can probably be ruled out. It is much more likely that the vehicle’s evaporative emissions system has been damaged by too many incidents of overfilling (continuing to click-click-click force more gas into the tank).

A competent mechanic should be able to figure out the nature of the problem in the evaporative emissions system, which could range from spider nests in one of the lines, to a bad solenoid/valve in a line, to the carbon canister. For the sake of your wallet, keep your fingers crossed that the problem does not lie in that expensive carbon canister. If you have to pay $300-400 to replace that part, it will likely keep you from overfilling the tank in the future.