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my 2004 chevy tahoe wont accept gas into the tank. when i try to put it in it spills back out as if my tank is full. I filled up a week ago and drove 300 miles so along with the fuel gage saying i need gas I also know that i should at this point even if the gage is wrong. HELP PlEASE

Something is wrong with the venting system and you probably can’t fix it. Take it to a recommended mechanic in the files on this site.

It’s possible the charcoal canister is saturated or another part of the evaporative system is faulty and is not releasing built up fuel vapors when the engine is running.
In other words, the vent lines may be plugged, kinked or loose.

Perhaps the purge valve is defective.

However, when there is a fault with the EVAP system, you will (should) see a SES or CEL on the dash.

When the filler cap is removed, the charcoal canister is not part of the picture. The tank is venting out the filler, NOT the EVAP system…

There is an anti-spill check valve, just a cork or plastic ball in a cage, that is supposed to prevent fuel spills in the event of of a roll-over…These check-valves can stick closed from overfilling the tank. Sometimes you can free them by inserting a flexible switch of some sort down the filler neck. A fiberglass rod used for bicycle flags works good, a coat-hanger is sometimes long enough…Otherwise, you will have to remove the filler tube from the tank, where you will find the check-ball…