Cant find the part

I have a 93 Mercury Topaz that I need a power steering reservoir for and it has been discontinued. I can not find it in a junk yard or anywhere else. Does anyone have any idea what I can use to fix this?

Have you tried: ? Big online network of salvage yards with a searchable data base.

The Mercury Topaz was a slightly dressed-up, mechanically identical version of the Ford Tempo.

During its 10 year production run, the Tempo was one of the top-selling cars in The US, even if the Topaz sold in much lower numbers.

I suggest that you persist in the search, but instead of telling them that you have one of the relatively rare Mercury Topaz models, simply say that you are looking for a PS reservoir for a '93 Ford Tempo.   It will be the identical part.

Try . They probably have your part.

I checked rockauto, no dice. Odd for such a popular car (Tempo/Topaz).

Searching the inter-dealer locator I come up with a whopping…ONE in the country.
Davis Ford in Fulton MS…662-862-4941
Part # F23Z-3E764-A
Back when it was active inventory it sold for $62 retail but they’ll probably be glad to move it.
This will be n.o.s. ( new old stock ) Still new in the box and un-used yet 20 years old since its production.

This scarcity seems very strange to me.
Ken Green–Why do you think it is so hard to get a part for a big seller like a Ford Tempo?

Advance Auto Parts lists a rebuilt pump with reservoir, Cardone20-6239 for $51.99 plus shipping but there are discount codes online.

Is this for a 4 cylinder or a V6?

VDC ; Boy , you got me. Though they sold in great numbers, I’ve not seen very many remaining on the road. I even checked two other major warehouses of n.o.s. parts and even they have none.
oldtimer ; A pump with reservoir is incorrect for this application. This car has a reservoir remotely mounted up and away from the pump connected by hoses.

I’m going to have to default to wrecking yards here but watch out for old age on that plastic bottle.
remove and install the hose carefully.

Since it is separate, I would think that nay reservoir could be made to work regardless of which car it came off of, but any Ford would be easier to make work.

The parts department at Davis Ford would be overwhelmed that they have something unique. I sometimes ride my bike through the dealership’s lot and it’s about as country as you can get but they have a great reputation.

Mercury is just a luxury version of Ford, so Ford Tempo 1992-1994 parts will fit. What I would do is take the old reservoir out of the car, and search in the junkyard for a similar one. Having it in hand will make it a lot easier to check the dimensions. Mostly carmakers use the same part in different models of similar year. For example I was finding a blower motor for my CR-V. I found an old 1992 Honda and it had a same blower motor but with a different plug. I simply cut my old plug and put it one the other one.

Hopefully the OP will return one day to see all of the answers and before they sell the only part available in the country.

Sorry, for some reason I looked for an 86, not a 93.